08 November, 2008

A way to eat your favorite foods and still shed bodyfat like crazy...

Let me get right to the point:

If you thought you had to give up your favorite foods in order to shed unwanted body fat, then this will be one of the most important letters you ever read.

Two "former fatties" developed a System of eating that allows you to eat whatever you like every other day and still lose all-the-weight you want.

No pills. No guilt. Just a diet plan for the REAL WORLD, developed by real people.

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>>> Most Dietplans Are Too Hard

Most of what you've read about how to shed bodyweight is a lie.

Some 'experts' expect you to believe they eat chicken and broccoli every night for dinner and rarely if ever cheat.

Right. And I'm the Dalai Lama!

Just as bad, these plans are too difficult for anyone to follow for more than a few weeks.

So when folks like you discover they can eat their favorite foods every single week and still shed the weight you should see the look on their faces.

They can't believe it.

Some think they have to take some "superpill" to succeed. Not true!

Others think they will have to spend hours a day in the gym killing themselves. No way!

Here's the truth:

Jon and Jan were both obese. Over the past four years, they perfected a System that shows you how they went from obese to "cover model" fit and still eat their favorite foods.

Not "once a week" either -- they INSIST you eat yummy food frequently and without guilt or worry.

>>> Even better, they never count a single calorie!

See for yourself --

Here's the facts: there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect dietplan.

But thousands of people make billions of bucks off of selling the idea that there is only ONE way to eat in order to get lean.

Even worse: these people create dietplans so ridiculously strict that even fitness pros like Jon and Jan can't follow them!

They had to create a plan anyone could follow. Women, men, and even kids.

You should see these pictures! They used Jan's six-year-old daughter Kari to prove a point --

This is so simple a even CHILD can do it!

And you should see their clients...the few who know about this System...

They get to eat pizza, burgers, ice cream, and more...and still lose-the-weight!

This is not a pill or a scam...this is science applied to the real world.

The science: you take advantage of the fact your body prefers a change of pace and can respond by burning ugly fat.

The real world: no one is going to eat salad and tuna every day for the rest of their life in order to shed bodyfat and feel good again.

Simple, right? Common sense!

You absolutely MUST HAVE a dietplan you can live with for life.

And that's what this is.

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How great is that!

What is this new System called?

>>> Announcing "The Every Other Day Diet!"

Great name, isn't it? Pretty much says it all.

But this isn't just a 'book'. You are supported for an entire year with audios, recipes, success stories, and more.

All for less than the cost of a dinner for two at a cheap restaurant.

That's hard to beat.

Plus you get it at half price.

PLUS you get 10 killer bonuses worth over $500.

Call it a gift for being a loyal reader. Or call it a Holiday Special...whatever you like.

This is a simple plan that you will absolutely love.

It's a System that took years to perfect and is about to take the entire nation by storm.

And you get it first.

Go


Brian Dickey

P.S. Thank you for being so patient, too.

Jon and Jan received countless emails about The Every Other Day Diet..."When is it coming out?" "How can I get an advanced copy?"

"How the heck does it work??"

Go here and get your advanced copy...at half price...and discover the System for yourself --


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