26 August, 2005

Low carb diets and celiacs.

Recently I've been made aware that my grandfather suffered from Celiac disease. This in and of itself is no big deal but what did startle me is finding out that this thing is genetic and 1 in every 150 people suffer from it and that 75% of those people have no idea.

This genetic situation causes the body not to produce the enzyme necessary to digest wheat or gluten. So that means for those that suffer like myself from this freak of nature we cant eat the things that we crave the most. For years I've cycled on and off of ketogenic diets and have always been carb conscious because eating carbs just did not sit well with me. Now I know why its because that plate of pasta.... is and was killing me.

So low carb ketogenic diets to the rescue. This probably wont surprise anyone that knows they have the disease but for many it just might. So in the process of researching celiac disease I discovered something that really set me back. One of the side effects of Celiacs is Candida and these little critters will make you miserable to no end.

After taking a few tests first at home then at the doctors my fears were confirmed I have both these diet limiting disorders. If one don't get ya the other one will. It seems I'm doomed.

I think for my next project I might make a website for those that suffer from both. This should prove informative I think.
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