28 August, 2005

Diet... The Naughty Word and Random Thoughts

Diet.... There I said it and I'll say it again... Diet... Diet... Diet.

It really isn't a bad word.

Webster defines diet as di'et (di'et) N. 1, food and drink regularly consumed. 2, a prescribed course of food. 3, regimen.

Diet from Greek diatia, mode of living, or, more specifically, mode of eating.

So there you have it. You don't have to diet because you already diet... Every day... Doughnut or celery its all the same. Its a diet.

So close inspection of the diet reveals who we are and how we think.

I had a female athlete while I was at college tell me once that she wouldn't even lick a postage stamp because It had calories and nothing else. I chuckled at the time but she was right. Why eat something or drink something that has no value. She was one of those few that practiced what she preached. She was built like A... Well... Um a hardbody and she earned it all.

So my point is that we are what we eat. I've read thousands (if not more) pages about diet and nutrition and this is my best conclusion. So I've spent the majority of my life too absolutely confirm that old saying. "We are what we eat."

Hmmm... Its that simple. Millions of dollars ever year are spent on diet pills, diet plans etc and every time a new diet pops up its all the rage... Fads for the lack of better words.

I once realized that most workouts, diets, etc. Last about 8 weeks. I've had friends and I'm guilty of this as well, that would workout for about 8 weeks at which time I would take more and more time off between gym seasons or I would cheat big time on my diet and then not get back with it. I've seen and utilized many different methods to keep myself going and motivated but one common sense statement always rings in my ears.

If what your doing does not work... Then change what your doing...

So we have established the 8 week cycle and figuring out what works and what doesn't and the diet industry plays on this. Observe it for yourself. There always seems to be a new diet knocking on our doors every 2 to 3 months.

The tried and true. Ketogenic Diets Hmmmmmmm.... There's my plug. I knew I'd get it in here somewhere. Keto diets have been around for thousands of years the Romans would feed the gladiators and solders on low carb ketogenic diets, and those guys that stand at gates of the queens castle they are not called meat eaters for nothin.

So what's my point. I'm not sure I'm kinda lost right now.

But what I think I'm getting at is that if you want be a tiger eat like one.

here's a question... When you want to fatten up a farm animal what do you feed it?

Grains... lots and lots of grains.

So okay we are not like cows or pigs...

Your right we are more like lions, tigers and bears.
Meat eaters.

Have you ever wondered why people used to keep sugar locked up in sugar boxes??? Hmmm....
Just to ponder

So to sum it all up.
8 week cycle
we are what we eat
if what we are doing doesn't work change what were doing.
stay away from grains and lock the sugar box.
Whoooraaaahh I think I'm on to something here.

Diet... Its the way we live our lives.

Remember drink lots of water
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