30 August, 2005

Keep the ketchup and give me the bun!

Okay… so I spend allot of time on the road and next week I'm off to Memphis Tennessee to see some new friends.
Eating on the go is always a problem and once upon a time I stopped at one of those fast food places and tried the low carb whopper or something like that. To my surprise it was covered in sugar filled ketchup and mustard.

This is not low carb... no really its not low carb.
That’s like calling jelly beans low fat.
I’d rather eat a pizza.

Anything loaded with sugar is equal to eating a whole pot full of pasta. If you have done your homework you know that once you’re in ketosis its important to stay away from sugar, the smallest amount of sugar can send you back to day one.

So... give me the bun and keep the condiments.... You bet. I can stand up to 150 grams of carbs a day with out kicking myself out of ketosis when I'm training and about 35 to 70 a day when I'm not. Even when you’re on a cyclic keto diet its prudent to avoid sugars, because sugars make it many times harder to get back to ketosis then are carbs.

When I'm cycling on and off the diet I tend to eat allot of pizza and pasta this can happen as frequently as every weekend or every three weeks or so. I only cycle whenever body fat is not a concern and bulking is. Also Keto cycling does little in the way of upsetting my celiac disease. The longer I'm on a keto diet the easier it is to get back on once I drop off for any reason. But sugars are a big no no.

So in my usual nut shell... what I'm saying is instead of going for the low carb whopper, get the regular whopper without the fake cheese and sugary condiments. You’ll be way ahead of the game that way. Not to mention that knowing your carb threshold helps in this choice. But over all it's better to eat the bun then the ketchup.

I wonder if Tennessee has any place that serves low carb foods my friends tell me that carbs are very popular there. By the way I love Memphis that’s where I got my pitbull.
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